Wedding Insurance - Yeah or Nah?

27.05.19 02:47 PM By Stuart Hartley

You've spent months, even years planning your wedding.  You've dreamt about this day since your were a little girl (or boy).  You have everything planned, from the colour scheme to the canapes.  But one thing you hadn't planned for.....was a disaster. From a sudden and unexpected cancellation, to the transport not arriving, wedding insurance can help protect you against the unexpected, and can provide you with added piece of mind on the most important day of your life

But what exactly is wedding insurance—and how does it work?
What is Wedding Insurance?
In a nutshell and without using too many "insurance" terms, wedding insurance covers any irrecoverable expenses or deposits should the unexpected happen and the wedding is cancelled or postponed.  As well as covering your expenses, wedding insurance could also cover the additional costs in order to avoid a cancellation or postponement.

Why get Wedding Insurance?  Isn't it just an additional cost?

Yes, its an additional cost, but with the average New Zealand wedding costing in excess of $30,000, WeddingCover could be money well spent if you imagine these scenarios:
  • The hair and make-up is done, the tears have been wiped away.  Your bridal party are all ready with champagne in hand waiting for the transport to arrive.  All eyes are on the clock as the last thing you want is to be late to your own wedding.  But the transport doesn't arrive and you are left frantically making phone calls to get to the wedding. Wedding Insurance should cover the irrecoverable costs or additional expense should your contracted vehicle hire firm or any other person providing wedding transport let you down.

  • Your dream was to have a beach wedding, however, an impending cyclone is looking like your fairytale wedding is turning into a nightmare.  If weather conditions are so extreme as to prevent you, your immediate family or active participant(s) from taking part in the wedding, the policy will react.  If the weather conditions stop more than half of the guests from reaching the wedding, or which renders the venue unusable or unsafe, the policy will react.

Ok, so how much does Wedding Insurance cost?

Wedding Insurance through WeddingCover costs as little as $200.00 for the Bronze package and $1,000 for the Platinum level of cover.  There is also the option to include Honeymoon cover for an additional $100.00 which would provide upto $10,000 of cover if your pre-booked honeymoon is not taken as a direct result of your wedding being cancelled.

What else is covered with WeddingCover?

The policy provides various tiered options and you should choose the correct level of cover based on your wedding costs. The maximum amounts payable under the policy is set out in the policy wording and schedule therefore you should consider if the insurance is suitable for you and read the policy wording before purchasing this insurance.

  • Photography and Videography: If your professional photographer or video operator lets you down or the film/negatives or video is lost or damaged, we will pay for the expenses incurred to retake.
  • Failure of Supplier: If a wedding supplier fails to meet their contractual obligations, we will pay the non-refundable deposits that you have paid.
  • Transport: We will cover the irrecoverable costs or additional expense should your contracted vehicle hire firm, or any other person providing wedding transport let you down.
  • Hired Equipment: We will cover you for the loss or accidental damage to hired equipment including marquees, tents, gazebos, chairs, tables, furniture or lighting equipment hired during the wedding period.
  • Public Liability: We will cover the bride and groom, the immediate family or attendants up to $5,000,000 in respect of your legal liability arising from accidental injury to third parties or accidental loss of or damage to third party property.  We will also pay for legal costs and expenses in defending any claim in respect to injury, loss or damage.
  • Honeymoon: We will cover you, if your pre-booked honeymoon is not taken as a direct result of your wedding being cancelled.
  • Weather: The policy covers a loss caused directly or indirectly if weather conditions are so extreme as to prevent you or your immediate family or active participant(s) from taking part in the wedding or more than half of the guests from reaching the wedding, or which renders the venue unusable or unsafe.
  • Death, Injury or Illness:  The policy will cover a loss if the wedding is cancelled or postponed due to a death, injury or illness to either the wedding couple or an immediate family member.
When can I purchase Wedding Insurance?                                                                                                    
It is always recommended to put in place WeddingCover as soon as you start to plan your wedding, however, cover can be purchased no sooner than 30 days and no more than 18 months prior to the date of the wedding.

What is excluded?  What should I be aware of in the fineprint?

The question that we always get asked is "does it include cover if the bride does a runner?" 

The short answer is NO. 

Change of Heart or Disinclination to Marry is one of the main exclusions under the WeddingCover policy and this cover is excluded under most wedding insurance products around the world.  As far as we are aware, the only company to offer this type of cover is Wedsure in the U.S and even then the cover is limited to irrecoverable costs of the mother or father paying for the wedding.

So Wedding Insurance - Yeah or Nah?

Whilst we appreciate that the budget might be tight, can you really afford not to purchase wedding insurance?  With any insurance purchase, you should choose the correct level of cover based on your own wedding costs.  All insurance policies will differ therefore make sure that you have read the policy documents or seek advice from an insurance intermediary.

Lastly, make sure you enjoy the day.

Stuart Hartley