Understanding Public and Statutory Liability for Events.

Public Liability insurance for events is necessary in order to cover sums that you may legally be liable to pay in respect of personal injury or property damage caused whilst running your event.  Should you organise or attend more than one event each year, our Annual (Multi -Event) policy would be the most cost effective.

With Public Liability cover in place, your insurance policy will also handle the legal costs associated with defending you and any subsequent payment that is deemed necessary.  

Additional cover options include Statutory Liability, plus Event Cancellation if you are organising an event. You can tailor your event insurance policy to meet your requirements

We can provide cover to organisers of a wide range of events from fetes and parties to community fun days, with no maximum event duration.  Our Short-Term Event Insurance is designed to offer comprehensive protection to individuals and organisations who are either organising a single event or attending one as a trade-stand holder or exhibitor

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