A large open and airy exhibition hall with multiple trade stands and busy attendees.

Conference and Exhibitions

As NZs market leader in event insurance, we understand the complexities of conferences, exhibitions and business meetings. Our Conference and Exhibitions product has been specifically developed to suit the needs of Professional Conference Organisers (PCO's) and Event Managers. 

In addition to the standard event cancellation product features, the EventCover product is extended to include a number of valuable enhancements such as; failure to vacate the premises, requisition of the venue and cover for additional costs and charges.

What is covered?

  • Any expenses plus net profit lost should the event(s) be necessarily be cancelled, abandoned, postponed, interrupted, curtailed, or relocated for reasons beyond your control.
  • Complimentary terrorism cover (act and/or threat of terrorism occurring anywhere in New Zealand)
  • Complimentary limited non appearance cover for guest speakers.
  • Enforced reduced attendance and the inability of participants to attend the event.

Optional coverage extensions available including extended terrorism cover, key speaker non appearance cover, communicable disease outbreak, adverse weather coverage for outdoor events, and national mourning.

In order for us to provide terms, simply complete our proposal form and return to us at stu@eventcover.co.nz