A large open and airy exhibition hall with multiple trade stands and busy attendees.

Conference and Exhibitions

As a leading provider of event insurance in New Zealand, we have extensive experience in handling the intricacies of conferences, exhibitions, and business meetings. Our Conference and Exhibitions product is specifically designed to cater to the needs of Professional Conference Organizers (PCOs) and Event Managers.

In addition to the standard features of our event cancellation coverage, EventCover offers valuable enhancements such as coverage for failure to vacate the premises, requisition of the venue, and protection against additional costs and charges.

What does our coverage include?

Coverage for expenses and lost net profit in the event of necessary cancellation, abandonment, postponement, interruption, curtailment, or relocation of the event(s) due to reasons beyond your control. 

  • Complimentary terrorism cover for acts or threats of terrorism occurring anywhere in New Zealand. 
  • Complimentary limited non-appearance cover for guest speakers.
  • Coverage for enforced reduced attendance and the inability of participants to attend the event.

Please note that the information provided is intended to give a general overview of our services and coverage options. It does not constitute financial advice or personalized recommendations.