What Is Event Insurance?

Event insurance refers to a range of covers designed to protect your event.  This can range from event cancellation, to liability coverage for damage to third parties. Cover is tailored to the individual needs of each event organiser and event.

Can You Insure Against Bad Weather?

Yes, the cover can be extended to include adverse weather.  If the event is taking place indoors then cover is automatically included however if the event is outdoors or under temporary structures, the cover will be underwritten accordingly and a higher premium charged.

Can You Insure Against Poor Ticket Sales?

Unfortunately lack of interest or poor attendance and ticket sales would be considered a trading risk and not covered by event insurance.

When Should You Arrange Cover?

Cover should be taken out as early as possible and it’s not usually possible to insure against adverse weather less than 14 days prior to the start of the event set up.  Arranging cover early gives the best value for money and the premium usually must be paid before the event takes place.  The later the purchase is left, the more likely that a cause of disruption will be excluded.

Can You Insure Against An Act Of Terrorism?

Yes, insurance can be provided to protect income or expenses as the result of an act of terrorism.  The cover will depend on where you are based and where the event is taking place.
Fear of terrorism, or disinclination to attend an event due to a terrorist act cannot be covered however the threat of terrorism can be; provided this is dictated by the local police or security services. 

Do You Provide Liability Insurance For Single Events?

Yes, our bespoke short period liability insurance is specifically designed for individual events (or possibly a number of events over a short period of time). Our annual policies are designed to cover the whole business for the year, since we recognise that potential liabilities don't start and finish with the event.