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What is Ticket Refund Protection?

Our ticket refund protection provides efficient, clear and speedy refunds by allowing you to extend your own terms and conditions of sale. 

Customers can now purchase with confidence.

The cost of all the services provided by the Ticket Refund Protection is incorporated into the price of all tickets at the point of sale. There is also the option to introduce an additional revenue stream and start earning from the moment you implement our product. In the event of a claim, all the costs of the claims’ service are paid by the insurers, there is no extra cost to yourself. The cost includes software licencing, claims management and bank transfer charges. 


Customers have the option to add refund protection right from the checkout. The service is complimentary for merchants and comes at a minimal cost to the customer as a percentage of their total cart value.


Customers will receive an email containing information about the program and instructions on how to request a refund. Once a refund request has been submitted, our staff will work with the customer to ensure they receive a full refund for their purchase.


The refund process is handled, allowing both you and the customer to retain your funds and maintain peace of mind. Additionally, your ticket becomes available for future purchases, creating a mutually beneficial situation.