Whilst the majority of event cancellation and contingency insurance policies will contain some kind of Communicable Disease exclusion, the option has always been available to write this cover back into the policy for an additional premium - *subject to underwriter acceptance.

Under the EventCover wor...

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Is Public Liability on your Wedding Checklist?

Both large and small events come with their own risks and a wedding is no different.

Whilst the majority of weddings go without a hitch, the prudent couple will always take into account the insurance risks when planning their big day.


We totally acknowledge that insurance won't be at the top of ...

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Wedding Insurance - Yeah or Nah?
Wedding Insurance - To Buy or Not to Buy?
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Event Terrorism Insurance Part 2
An Act of Terrorism Vs Threat of Terrorism Vs Fear of Terrorism
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What Is Hole In One Insurance?

‚ÄčAre you sponsoring a charity golf event or looking to maximum your ROI with a non traditional activation?

Hole In One insurance makes it possible to offer a large prize fund to really engage and wow your players?  Let EventCover take on the risk that there will be a substantial winner allo...

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